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It’s simple – to make it easier to find the picture we want to see later!

Stay with me now….If you get to know my blog, you’ll notice “Categories” and “Tags”.  The purpose of this blog is to share things that are happening in and around my life – obviously not much has happened lately, ha! – and that includes my community.  I need to get better about taking photos and posting, that’s my goal for the rest of this year.

ANY WAY – back to the reason.  If you look at one of my blog posts, you’ll see the tags and categories.  When my oldest son graduated, all of us moms were in a rat race to find photos of our kids and to help each other find photos of our kids.  This blog has the kids tagged – all you have to do is search your kid’s name and BAM…any blog posts that they’ve been featured in, pops up!  Won’t that be so nice when our kids graduate?

So there you have it – check it out!  I’ll get better about posting this school year and try to catch good photos of our kids for us – even opposing teams – gotta be a good sport!  They grow up so fast…a photo that doesn’t seem important right now, totally will when they’re graduating and we’re looking back on the blip that is jr. high and high school.

Any photos shared on any site with this watermark can be found on this blog & searched because I’ll tag them.


So, go ahead and make yourself at home – check over your morning coffee, share on your Facebook, heck – you can even click “Follow” so you get notified when I post.  Whatever your heart desires just as long as y’all come back now & then. 😉